Video: Sefalosha’s flagrant foul for smacking Ginobili’s face



[nbcsports_video src= service=youtube width=590 height=332]

The Oklahoma City Thunder came out in Game 3 with a real sense of desperation. They played more physical, their defensive rotations were crisper and they have thrown the Spurs out of the game plan that worked brilliantly the first two games. The Thunder were up 13 at the half.

Did I mention physical? Above is the video of Thabo Sefalosha smacking Manu Ginobili in the face. This was not malicious, but it was not soft and kind, either. The message was sent.

Hat tip to Eye on Basketball.

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60 Day suspension after violating WWE Wellness Policy. What the hell is wrong with Orton. He is THE TOP guy on Smackdown and fails again? Is he too injury prone due to early steroid use. We all know it makes your joints and bones weaker and Randy does have an injury riddled past.

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