Reggie Evans?? Waiting 4 Lebron tho

title=”Reggie Evans?? Waiting 4 Lebron tho”>Reggie Evans?? Waiting 4 Lebron tho

reggie evans is the first player to get fined for flopping. it was pretty funny, as he clearly flopped. still waiting for superstars like lebron, wade, pierce and dirk when he comes back who are known for flopping


Phil Jackson disrespected?



Mike D’Antonit has been hired as the new coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, or should we say LOST Angeles Lakers. 

Phil Jackson has 11 championships under his belt and was willing to come out of retirement for you guys. He fits the Lakers model. This was and is somewhat STILL his team. Whatever rumors are out there about his demands or whatever it may be are silly, because all you fight towards are CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

Now lets give D’Antoni a fair chance. The opportunity to reunite with Steve Nash and run the pick and roll with D Howard can be very entertaining and positive. Kobe better get his 3 ball ready because those shots better fall. A’mare/Joe Johnson/Diaw/Barbosa/Quentin Richardon all had their best years under D’Antoni/Steve Nash so maybe there is possibility here. Time will tell