Lately under the HHH regime we have seen some unconventional risks that have led to some great outcomes.
Creative did it again, delivering some great storylines leading up to the “Special Event” and having more to come after it.
The business doesn’t end in a night and we now have a chance to see seeds planted for current and future rivalries, even looking beyond, potential cross rivals.

HIAC Winners
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Divas division, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Bray Wyatt

HIAC Losers
Cesaro, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Tag Team Division
Cesaro lost clean, which is awesome to me, however, other than a few big spots showing his strength, nothing more was did to establish a rivalry or threat to Dolph. Cesaro is in a stagnant stage of creative, we know he can deliver, perhaps have him lead a stable with some NXT guys and show off mic work and leadership for a bigger push.

We saw HIAC with no WWE Champion on the scene. In the essence of what it is to be champion, at least make a ringside appearance during the #1 contender match or attack Cena aftetwords to backup all what Paul Heyman has been saying. I bet money we will hear Cena yab and jab about how Brock isn’t around. Plus the event was stellar without the champion.

The tag division took a step back, maybe we could have had another tag match instead of 25 minutes of promos for an event we are already watching. The Usos loss, and like the Great Jim Ross says “there’s money in the chase”, we should have seen the makings of another team to challenge for the titles. Titles seem important when somebody is talking and chasing them.

Big Show lost via submission to Rusev. After Mark Henry fought a hard battle with Rusev last month, Big Show, the giant, lost via submission? Please do not have us with a crying giant segment. I would have been way more comfortable seeing Rusev use dirty tactics or even a blown call by the ref. Makes Show look like a cheated giant and not a weak average joe.

I will be tuning into to Raw and Smackdown to see what the future holds. With Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan out with injuries, it will be interesting to see how new rivalries mesh with old ones. The future looks bright!
Ambrose vs Wyatt
Rollins vs ??? Maybe Orton since we can expect Rollins to gloat about victory and Orton to be salty about losing
Reigns comes back to get his justice against Rollins.
Wyatt still hates everybody.
Dean Ambrose also hayes everybody
Daniel Bryan was never beaten
Cena just wants to be champ
Brock, the beast incarnate cant be stopped.

Do you see the beauty in so many x factors